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Hell Rider is a musical virtual reality tower defence game set in world invaded by the demon hordes from hell!

Players must defend their fortress against the demon hordes invading the lands using the weapons at their disposal.

The game is inspired by the popular song "Run to the hills" by Iron Maiden and served as the game's main theme.


Engine: Unity
Language: C#

Genre: Tower defence

Platforms: Samsung gear VR

Team size: 8 members
Development time: 2 weeks (Marmalade)

Studio: Alhambra 11





  • Gameplay - Concept Design [main role]

  • Programming [main role]

  • Balancing & Playtesting

  • UI/UX Design

Gameplay - Concept & UI Design

  • I was assigned to both roles gameplay design and programming.

  • I participated with the team in creating the gameplay.

  • I came up with the idea of integrating the music with the gameplay (explained below).

  • Worked with the artist to create UI to display the neccessary feedback and compact it into one element.

Screenshot (538).png

In game UI that combines the player's health, kill counter and other game-play elements.

Music/gameplay Design Concept

The gameplay is essentially a race of stat buffs.

Both the player and the enemy AI recieve buffs to their stats over time.

The enemy AI recieves a buff when the music bar fills up to reach one of the buff thresholds while the player needs to attain a certain kill count to earn an upgrade (Buffs the weapons).

I designed an enemy AI (Drummer Demon) that can increase the music bar fill speed by increasing the tempo of the song being played thus the demons receive buffs faster than the player and eventually overhelm and defeat the player.  


Role: Increases the tempo of the song being played and thus increasing the speed of the song in order to rush a stat buff for all demons allies.

Enemy buffs: Increases health, damage and movement speed.

Ability to attack: None

Drummer Demon

Controls Design

  • I also contrubuted to the design of the controls using the Samsung Gear VR.

Screenshot (510) - Copy.png
UI - Copy.png
  • Player uses the pad on the VR Gear to switch weapons, aim and fire.

  • Players aim their weapons by moving their heads.

  • Players switch weapons by swiping left/right on the pad.

  • Players tap on the pad to fire the selected weapon. 

VR gear swipe and tap controls and the player's weapons

Programming: I was one of the two programmer on the team.

  • Created mechanics such as the catapult (2nd weapon).

  • Contributed to the creation of the aiming mechanic.

  • Created the 3rd weapon (the hot oil).

  • Created the dynamic of increasing the music tempo and linking it to buffs for the enemies.

  • Created the kill counter for the player and the upgrade reward.

  • Hooked up the UI to the mechanics/dynamics.

  • Helped out with setting some character animation.

  • Had my share of bug fixing throughout the development cycle.