The above video is gameplay footage of the prototype version that served as an MVP.


  • Imagine cup local winner in Lebanon year 2015 & 2016

  • MVP recieved 20k+ downloads in total on Android and IOS

  • High ratings - 4.7/5



Language: C#

Genre: Arcade / platformer

Developer: Stanity Illicit

Platforms: Android & IOS

Team size: 5 members
Development time: 4 years (on & off)

Expected release date: End of 2020


Prism Break is a 2D arcade color based platformer.

Player takes control of one of various colored shapes such as the Triangle, the Square & the Pentagon.

Players have to match the colors of the side of the shape with the incoming colored platforms by rotating the shape to the correct side.


The shape also has the ability to double jump.



  • Co-creater [main role]

  • Gameplay/concept Design [main role]

  • Programming

  • Balancing & Playtesting


I came up with the idea of having a multi-colored shape be the character of a platformer where the main challenge lies in matchting colors with colored platforms.

I also run the company along my partner, handling all aspects of the game and the team.

Gameplay/Concept Design


  • Rotate (to match colors with platforms)

  • Double jump


  • Colored platforms

  • Moving platforms

  • Projectile dropper

  • Reverse

  • and many more...

The SHAPES to play with

Main mechanic: Color Flip 

Features: Reverse and magnet

Feature: Platform dropper 

Feature: Moving platform


  • I was responsible for coding the mechanics and all features mentioned above

  • I was also responsible of optimizing the game to get to run at 60 FPS

  • Everything featured in the gameplay trailer is my work (code wise)

Balancing & Playtesting

  • I am responsible for balancing features and mechanics as well as playtesting them for bugs and improvement points


After the success of our prototype we began to revamp the game by modernizing the art style, improving the design, and optomizing the code.

We recruited an artist, one programmer and formed a new team. We created an updated vision for the game, improved certain features,  designed new features, as well as established a business model.


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