Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Adham El Berjawi and I am a passionate and enthusiastic game designer studying at BUAS university (NL).

I mainly focus on gameplay (mechanics/dynamics) & concept design but I also love working with story writing and AI design.

Feel free to look at the projects I worked on and contact me for any busniess inquiries.


*I'm currently looking for an internship starting September 2020!



Play as a crafty thief tasked with stealing historical artefacts from a highly guarded palazzo in Malta!

Players takes control of an agile thief who utilizes gadgets to overcome tight secuirty and challenges.

 Role(s):  AI design, Gameplay/Concept design, Narrative design

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Language: C++ & Blueprints

 Genre:  First person stealth

 Platform:  Steam 

Team size: 30+ members
Development time: 8 Months


Role(s): Gameplay/Concept design, AI design

Engine: CoyoteEngine (custom engine)
 Language:  C++

Genre: Metroidvania

Platforms: Itch.io & Switch

Team size: 16 members
Development time: 7 weeks


2018-2019 BEST TECH YEAR 2


Play as Chaddius Maximus in a 2D pixel art metroidvania!


Chad is a hunky and mighty knight from a far away kingdom sent on a mission to assassinate the fiend responsible for the wide spread disease that has plagued the lands but only to find out in the end that he was duped!


Play a musical, high intensity & hardcore tower defence game made for the Samsung Gear VR.

Defend your fortess against the hordes of hell with the weapons you have.

Oh, also try to not rock out too much!

Role(s): Gameplay/Concept design, Programmer

Engine: Unity
Language: C#

Genre: Tower defence

Platforms: Samsung gear VR

Team size: 7 members
Development time: 2 weeks (Marmalade)

A beautiful 3D VR game set in a mystical cave.

Take control of blimp using a custom controller created by the development team and fly through the cave while avoiding crashing into obstacles with the goal of reaching the end of the cave and  escaping!


Role(s): Level designer, Gameplay/Concept design

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Language: Blueprints

Platform: PC (w/ Custom controller)

Genre: VR

 Number of members:  7
Development time: 3 weeks (Marmalade)


Play with friends and foes in a UT death match inside a Willy Wonka factory inspired map!

The map contains three rooms with unique themes and gameplay styles!

Role: Level Designer

Engine: Unreal Engine

 Genre:  Arena first person shooter

Game mode: Death match

Team size: Solo project

 Platform:  PC
Development time: 7 weeks 

Status: Community release


My map was one out of three maps to get chosen for an art pass from a total number of 30+ maps.

My map got accept for an art pass by two different art teams.

Role(s): Gameplay/Concept design, Co-creater

Genre: Arcade / platformer

Engine & Language: Unity, C#

Developer: Stanity Illicit

Platforms: Android & IOS

Team size: 5 members
Development time: 4 years (on & off)

Imagine cup local winner in Lebanon year 2015
& 2016

MVP recieved 20k+ downloads in total on Android & IOS

High store ratings - 4.7/5




A challenging 2D mobile arcade game that combines
a color matching dynamic with epic platforming!

Play as one of various colored shapes

(Triangle, Square & the Pentagon) in a stylized world filled with fun and challenging features and obstacles!

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